How Can Thyroid Disease Disguise Itself?

Thyroid disease affects literally every cell and process in your body. Because of this, there are many different symptoms it can manifest. So many things it can cause that can be misleading your doctor into diagnosing something else, missing the root cause of the thyroid itself being the problem.  Let’s look at some of the common things people are diagnosed with before the doctor thinks to check the thyroid.

  • Depression. Low thyroid levels can cause your body to become fatigued, fuzzy brained and lethargic. Also can make you gain weight, and lose your energy and focus and feel sad all the time. It can also cause your body to slow down so much depression is inevitable. So a doctor sees things like fatigue, excessive crying or sadness, fuzzy thinking (brain fog), weight gain, they first think depression. Put  you on anti-depressants and they think you are done. For a lot of people they are depressed with those symptoms, but they also can have an underactive thyroid, and that should always be checked when signs of depression hit.
  • Anxiety. Higher thyroid levels can elevate anxiety. It can speed up the heart rate, make you prone to panic attacks and other symptoms that look like anxiety. As with depression, if these are all the symptoms you present with, a doctor may look no further and send you on your way with anti-anxiety meds. Again thyroid should always be checked to make sure the underlying cause isn’t thyroid levels.
  • Insomnia. Both higher thyroid levels and low thyroid levels can cause sleep cycles to be off. If this is occurring for longer than a couple of weeks, and there seems to be no real explanation,  get your thyroid checked.
  • Muscle and joint pain. If your thyroid levels are off, they throw off everything else. So the vitamins and nutrients your muscles need to function may be low because it’s compensating for your thyroid being off as well. If your muscle and joint pain is ongoing and doesn’t seem to be the result of an injury or excessive exercise, it could be your thyroid levels.
  • Changes in hair and skin. Sometimes people find they have major hair loss, or skin is flaking and drying out. These can be stress, but it’s also a big sign that your thyroid levels could be causing problems.

These are only a few of the more common things that doctors misdiagnose that is really thyroid disease. If you have any of the above, or other issues, that don’t seem to be responding to treatment, get your doctor to run a full thyroid panel to make sure it is not an underlying cause and trying to disguise itself as something else. TSH, free T3 and Free T4 as a minimum!

Comment below what else you have been diagnosed with before they found out about your thyroid issues.

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