How I Went from Thyroid Advocate to Activist


Warning a bit of a rant ahead!

Sorry I haven’t been on here much. I’ve got this new hobby. I’ve become a political activist. Some of you know that I have always been very active in advocating for better care for the thyroid community. Getting information out there to the wider community about what we go through is one of the reasons I started this blog as a matter of fact. Secondary was to educate those of us WITHIN the community who do not seem to have the information due to our doctors being sadly out of date, or just not caring enough to do their jobs of keeping us informed. The last year I’ve been doing more and more research into our health system in the US and finding out exactly how screwed up it is compared to a lot of other countries.

You all have no idea how messed up ours is compared to half of the civilized world until you start talking to people outside of the world. Just no idea. We’ve been lied to. They tell us that other countries have it worse, but really it’s the other way around. We have all this wealth and a really crap health system. We pay the most of any country for our health and get the least in return. The more I researched the more angry I became.

Then I started doing research into other areas that affect our health, like our air and water quality. That just made me even more angry. I think my blood pressure medicine has had to be doubled in the last few months! I wish I could unlearn the things I’ve learned. I really was hoping the things I learned weren’t true, so I went to multiple sources, to make sure I could get as wide a picture as possible. No, from as near as I can tell, most of the places I’ve lived in my life there has been a decrease in the safety of my air and water sources and an increase in thyroid disease and cancers in the communities that I’ve lived in. Approximately a third of the people I went to high school with right now have thyroid disease and another quarter have dealt with some form of cancer either with the thyroid disease or alone. What the heck is going on here!

So, that’s kinda how I became a political activist. I’m tired of being sick, and I’m tired of our health system being broken. I’m tired of our air and water being poisoned. Flint, MI is still dealing with poisoned water months after the story broke! While the people who did this to them have not been punished.

Our health care system is anything but , some of my friends make just enough they don’t qualify for help with insurance, and can’t afford to get insurance, so they haven’t been checked with their thyroid disease for over a year. One of my friends finally got her thyroid checked after she had a seizure, passed out and had to be taken to the ER a few months ago! We lost another thyroid person because she couldn’t afford to get her thyroid checked because her insurance didn’t kick in until she met $5000 out of pocket, so her Graves’ disease wasn’t kept in check, she had a heart attack and died. I keep hearing stories of people sick and dying from the thyroid community because they can’t get regular care. It breaks my heart and makes me more determined that we need to band together and do something!

A couple of months ago I came across this petition: Petition to Unite Progressive Parties

I loved what it said. I tracked down the person who wrote the petition and I joined her Facebook group. The Progressive Independent Party, this was about a week after she launched the petition, the page had about 1000 people at that time (today it’s about 2 months in and about 8000). I spoke with her. This lady is a single Mom, who has Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, who has survived brain cancer. She is also from one of those areas that I grew up in that is prone to cancer and thyroid disease. She has decided that it’s time for everyone who is sick of the Establishment taking advantage of us to band together and raise our voice to stand up together and unite. So for the last 6 weeks, that has pretty much been what I have been doing. My thyroid advocacy, has translated to advocacy on a much larger scale. Now I am trying to advocate for healthcare that works for all, getting measures pushed through to clean up the air and water, and much more, using the power of social media and people power behind it.

You may call us dreamers, but I for one am sick and tired of not doing anything except getting more sick and more tired! If you would like to join us please check out our website with all the information on what we are trying to accomplish over the next several years 


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